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* [https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Special:MyLanguage/Localisation#Translation_resources Localise MediaWiki for your language]
* [https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Special:MyLanguage/Localisation#Translation_resources Localise MediaWiki for your language]
* [https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Special:MyLanguage/Manual:Combating_spam Learn how to combat spam on your wiki] -->
* [https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Special:MyLanguage/Manual:Combating_spam Learn how to combat spam on your wiki] -->
===BERNARD. Comments===
*'''Etymology''': when the origin of a word is a Nigerian language, plse give a translation in English.
* '''Antonym''': an antonym is a word opposite in meaning to another (e.g. ''bad'' and ''good'', ''cold'' and ''hot'', ''beautiful'' and ''ugly''). NB: an antonym is not a mere nuance, but the exact '''contrary'''. As a consequence, real antonyms are rare. Ex: 'restaurant' is not an antonym of 'buka'. 'dry' (an adjective) cannot be an antonym of 'water' (a noun); 'fire' could be. In English, 'to dry up' could be the antonym of 'to water'. Think well before you fill the 'antonyms' section.
*'''Synonym'''. Same as for antonym. A synonym (a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language, for example shut is a synonym of close) can be used instead of another word in the same sentence. The words "ogogoro, holy water, river water,drinking water, pure water, eba water" are not synonyms of water. Except for "ogogoro", I would put all of them in the "related forms" section.
*'''Alternative forms'''. An alternative form is a spelling variant, not a synonym. If "banga soup" has the same meaning as "banga" it is a synonym. If not, the word "banga" on its own (without "soup") should appear in the definition only.
*'''Related forms''' are either derived words, or multiword expressions that contain the same word. In the "banga" page, "bangasoup" and/or "banga soup" should be mentioned in the related forms section.
* '''Punctuation'''. Do not leave spaces inside the square brackets that you use to create a link to a page: they will appear in the page. Do not type [ XXX ] but [XXX].
* '''Ideophone''': in the sentence "Di helicopter crash '''gbosa'''", 'gbosa' is an ideophone.
* '''Definition''': we have decided to move the 'definition' section up before the various POS. Try and find a common definition that can be completed in the subsections below (sub-meanings or different POSs).
*'''New words'''. Ideally, when you create a link to a word, and the word does not exist in the dictionary (the words shows in red) you should create the page for the new word. However, do not create a new page without filling it. '''It is better to have a red word than to have an empty page.'''
* The team agreed to remove the title, and put the definition between the POS and the examples as demonstrated in the example  [[gorimakpa]] and [[matter]].
* Regarding homographic words, the team agreed to go by the first solution; creating a single page with different pronunciation.
Example: [[baby]]
[person or thing that is dear to you]
* Pronunciation [1]
* Pronunciation [2]
[[aboki]] (BC),[[afamako]](BC), [[almajiri]] (BC), [[aproko]] (BC), [[amebo]] (BC), [[apolo]] (BC), [[awuf]] (BC), [[anco]] (BC), [[anko]] BC), [[asoebi]] (BC), [[airtime]] (BC), [[ajuwaya]] (BC), [[akamu]] (BC), [[akara]] (BC), [[akowe]] (BC), [[aro]] (BC), [[banga soup]] (BC), [[banga]] (BC), [[backyard]] (BC),[[bakassi]] (BC), [[backside]] (BC), [[berekete]]  (BC), [[change]], [[credit]], [[congratulate]], [[dat]] (BC), [[den]], [[dress]],  [[face]], [[frontage]], [[fashee]], [[fashi]], [[fashy]], [[fast fast]], [[form]],  [[fumble]],  [[gas]], [[gbeborun]] (BC), [[gbe borun]], [[gbosa]] (BC), [[gbese]] (BC),[[igbese]], [[greet]], [[hail]], [[hala]] (BC), [[halah]] (BC),[[heavyduty]], [[hegoat]], [[ikebe]], [[juju]], [[leg]],[[mewityou]], [[need]], [[oshofree]], [[pepper]], [[pile]], [[paale]], [[pale]], [[quarrel]], [[reason]],[[recharge card]],[[selense]], [[see finish]] (BC),[[sharp]], [[sharpup]], [[sharp up]], [[sharpaly]], [[sharpally]], [[sharpalysharpaly]], [[sharpaly sharpaly]], [[twale]], [[twaale]], [[uku]], [[wahala]], [[water]] (BC), [[welcome]], [[wella]], [[well well]], [[worry]], [[wiseup]], [[wise up]], [[yanga]], [[yanfuyanfu]], [[yanfu yanfu]], [[yab]], [[yabis]],[[badmouth]], [[bad mouth]], [[backman]], [[badmind]], [[baf]], [[bafroom]], [[baffroom]], [[balance]], [[balanceancarry]], [[balanceandcarry]], [[balanceantake]], [[band]], [[bang]], [[barb]], [[bash]], [[bata]], [[batterycharger]], [[batiricharger]], [[battery charger]], [[before]], [[beforebefore]], [[bifo]], [[busybody]], [[conductor]], [[congomeat]], [[connection]], [[cook]], [[copy]], [[copycopy]], [[corner]], [[cornercorner]], [[coro]], [[corper]], [[corpershun]], [[cos]], [[cost]], [[costly]], [[dear]], [[cotton bud]], [[cottonbud]], [[cotton wool]], [[country]], [[countryman]], [[country people]], [[country woman]], [[coupon]], [[cover beer]], [[cover cloth]], [[cram]], [[crase]], [[craze]], [[craseman]], [[crazeman]],[[crase woman]], [[crazewoman]], [[find]], [[find out]], [[fine]], [[finefine]], [[fine fine]], [[firewood]], [[first]], [[first of all]], [[fit]], [[five]], [[flash]], [[follow]], [[followfollow]], [[follow follow]], [[fombu]], [[fumbu]], [[food]], [[footreon]], [[footwagen]], [[for private]], [[force]], [[friend]], [[boyfriend]], [[girlfriend]], [[fruit]], [[fuel]], [[fufu]], [[fullcurrent]], [[full current]], [[fura]], [[future]], [[future husband]], [[future wife]],[[ehn]], [[ehen]], [[mellow]], [[mewituna]], [[mind]], [[money matter]], [[mtschew]], [[must]], [[my]], [[nack]], [[naira]], [[name]], [[nighty]], [[nightie]], [[no shaking]], [[new]], [[obisa]], [[odechi]], [[odieshi]], [[odeku]], [[off]], [[head office]], [[office rule]], [[oga]], [[officer]], [[workplace]], [[workingplace]], [[oil]], [[okay]], [[okpo]], [[oluwole]], [[touch]], [[transport]], [[transport money]], [[truetrue]], [[try]], [[two]], [[understand]], [[up]], [[use]], [[vex]], [[wake]], [[wash eyes]], [[wash head]], [[way]], [[we]], [[weed]], [[well]], [[woman]], [[worry]], [[wounjure]], [[wuruwuru]], [[yawa]], [[totori]], [[a]], [[road]], [[korokoro]], [[askiaski]], [[aspro]], [[atokintu]], [[atoknado]], [[away]], [[awoko]], [[ayelala]], [[ayokocity]], [[azu]], [[babadashme]], [[papadashme]], [[babalawo]], [[babariga]], [[babe]], [[bae]], [[babiala]], [[backup]], [[backyabomber]], [[benben]], [[benibeni]],  [[bobi]], [[boobs]], [[boli]], [[bole]], [[boom]], [[borrow]], [[kpain]], [[latecomer]], [[leak]], [[legedis benz]], [[match]], [[open eye]], [[or]], [[otumokpo]], [[ovoko]], [[pant]], [[kpata]], [[dross]], [[pem]], [[fem]], [[pim]], [[pepperfruit]], [[pepper fruit]], [[political matter]], [[oversize]], [[over size]], [[ovoko]], [[ponto]], [[body]], [[ground]], [[leave]], [[leak]], [[papa]], [[paper]], [[parole]], [[passing]], [[pastor]], [[pay]], [[place]], [[plenty]], [[of]], [[on]], [[one]], [[ontop]], [[own]], [[phone]], [[sef]]
1. Pls I am still unclear about how to treat entries that contain two words:  compound words or bimorphemic word e.g bangasoup or banga soup?
*It is not a choice. How do you/people write it? One or two words? If both spellings exist, you pick one as the main entry, and write the other one as an alternative form.
[[agbede]](BC), [[bushattack]](BC),[[kaka]](BC), [[gbayi]](BC), [[dudu]], [[twale]](BC), [[agbero]], [[im]], [[jolly]],[[jollyjolly]],[[sey]], [[say]], [[buka]], [[call]], [[anybody]], [[everybody]], [[curving]], [[five]], [[grab]], [[konji]], [[soapy]], [[prick]], [[kpons]], [[flenjo]], [[yansh]],[[flex]], [[fuck]],[[lash]], [[toto]],[[ghostworker]], [[kpekus]], [[piss]],[[weewe]], [[high]], [[shayo]], [[house]], [[bunk]], [[jagaban]], [[hand]], [[jagaban]], [[take]], [[follow]], [[talk]], [[terfere]], [[job]], [[dagbo]]
[[wit]](BC), [[with]](BC), [[matter]](BC), [[put]] (BC), [[chop]] (BC), [[bail]], [[bale]], [[japa]], [[move]], [[suya]], [[actor]], [[actress]],
[[obodo oyibo]], [[blackie]], [[bukateria]] (BC), [[japa]], [[move]], [[suya]], [[kolobi]], [[oyibo]], [[whitie]], [[whitey]], [[oyibo pepper]], [[afin]], [[day]], [[dere]], [[eyeservice]], [[finish]], [[give]], [[giv]], [[guy]], [[inside]], [[inside inside]], [[spoil face]], [[tintinrin]], [[upandown]], [[very]], [[sabiperson]], [[sabi person]], [[tata]], [[taataa]], [[chinkili]], [[sabi people]], [[sabipeople]], [[draw]], [[obtain]] [[openeye]], [[longatrot]], [[longathroat]], [[longerthroat]], [[yahoo]], [[yahoo yahoo]], [[daytime]], [[evriday]], [[ozuo]], [[ozuwo]], [[odoyo]], [[mumu]], [[guyman]], [[guy man]], [[kalokalo]], [[beg]], [[begybegy]] [[chop]], [[chopchop]], [[chop mouth]], [[chukuchuku]], [[guains]], [[wakis]], [[potopoto]], [[popo]], [[kampe]], [[overheat]], [[people]], [[pipo]], [[pipu]], [[school]], [[law school]], [[school bus]], [[una]], [[aganawana]], [[wak]], [[agbo]], [[ordinary leg]], [[troway]], [[throway]], [[gats]], [[sabi]], [[pepperbodi]], [[pepperbody]], [[sabisabi]], [[shorttime]], [[koba]], [[kobalize]], [[cast]], [[casting]], [[gage]], [[gaj]], [[gag]], [[smesme]], [[kobokobo]], [[kobo kobo]], [[koboko]], [[setcorner]], [[rake]], [[vok]], [[voke]], [[shishi]], [[shenani]], [[wah]], [[runs]], [[loseguard]], [[runs girl]], [[busha]], [[bush]], [[bullet]], [[buba]]
[[bearbear]] (BC), [[biabia]] (BC), [[bear bear]] (BC), [[kolabo]] (BC), [[song]] (BC), [[music]] (BC), [[cowtail]] (BC), [[cowleg]] (BC), [[cowhead]] (BC), [[cow]], [[wunjure]] (BC), [[wunjor]] (BC), [[wound]] (BC), [[wund]] (BC), [[injure]] (BC), [[church mind]] (BC), [[choch maind]] (BC), [[front]] (BC), [[forward]] (BC), [[kolo]] (BC), [[colo]](BC), [[market]], [[maket]], [[message]], [[sms]], [[alert]], [[judge]], [[judgy judgy]], [[head]], [[mouth]], [[play]], [[goatee]], [[gorimakpa]], [[abolo]], [[akpan]], [[malu]], [[malu malu]], [[malumalu]], [[nama]], [[nama nama]], [[namanama]], [[lie lie]], [[dodo]], [[dust]], [[bone]], [[run]], [[cash]], [[ekelebe]], [[igbomade]], [[gwongwo]], [[fuku]], [[nkwobi]], [[isiewu]], [[bubu]], [[ugboloko]], [[biscuitbone]], [[419]], [[sand]], [[kiakia]], [[solo]], [[derica]], [[dash]], [[chain]], [[koti]], [[deal]], [[supermarket]], [[kiosk]], [[shop]], [[send]], [[buybuy]], [[hammer]], [[dat]], [[e]], [[chance]], [[agbada]], [[bulala]], [[level]], [[senior]], [[fourofour]], [[adomeadobody]], [[alarm]], [[akata]], [[Fela]], [[Uselu]], [[akpuruka]], [[alagbon]], [[allnight]], [[alufa]], [[alfa]], [[amala]], [[akpu]], [[film]], [[referee]], [[refree]], [[refri]], [[area scatter]], [[scatterscatter]], [[begin]], [[bigin]], [[beginning]], [[begium]], [[belgium]], [[believe]], [[biliv]], [[believer]], [[biliva]], [[belle]], [[belleful]], [[benben]], [[better]], [[beta]], [[betterbody]], [[betabodi]], [[big]], [[bigman]], [[bitter]], [[bita]], [[bitterleaf]], [[bitaleaf]],  [[bitterkola]], [[bitakola]], [[bitacola]], [[condition]], [[cheap]], [[cheaparticle]], [[cheapo]], [[cheating]], [[chewing stick]], [[chingum]], [[chick]], [[chikito]], [[chopmoney]], [[choplife]], [[chopchopo]], [[ciga]], [[cigamuku]], [[coaltar]], [[coded]], [[commonise]], [[chuk]], [[chook]], [[shook]], [[chargeoffice]], [[choose]], [[chuz]], [[choosing]], [[compound]], [[chinchin]], [[chief]], [[gada]], [[gader]], [[gala]], [[gallop]], [[gap]], [[garawa]], [[garri]], [[gari]], [[gatefee]], [[gateman]], [[gbab]], [[gbagadam]], [[gbanja]], [[gbedu]], [[gbeshiwaka]], [[gbod]], [[gboro]], [[gele]], [[ghanamustgo]], [[ginkana]], [[get]], [[ginger]], [[ginja]], [[ehen]], [[happen]], [[happun]], [[helele]], [[helep]], [[help]], [[hardman]], [[her]], [[here]], [[highcurrent]], [[highvoltage]], [[highway]], [[highway robber]], [[hole]], [[hot]], [[house]], [[haus]], [[houseboy]], [[housegirl]], [[hundred]], [[hold]], [[hold tight]], [[I]], [[only]], [[husband]], [[hosban]], [[hm]], [[how]], [[remember]], [[rimemba]], [[respect]], [[respet]], [[revise]], [[rice]], [[robber]], [[roll]], [[room]], [[room and parlour]], [[rotten]], [[run belle]], [[rule]], [[rush]], [[shakabula]], [[scarf]], [[scope]], [[sense]], [[service]], [[sha]], [[she]], [[see]], [[seeroad]], [[see road]], [[save]], [[sempe]], [[shaking]], [[shaprapra]], [[toh]], [[yeye]] (BC), [[look]], [[luk]], [[kule]], [[kulee]], [[korawayo]], [[kwashiokor]], [[kurukere]], [[kukuma]], [[kpai]], [[abachastov]], [[aka gum]], [[akagum]], [[acadabiscuit]], [[akadabiskit]], [[apama]], [[kura]], [[achanja]], [[adana]], [[aspro]], [[aroko]], [[asignado]], [[action]], [[abeg]], [[abegi]], [[abi]], [[about]], [[area boy]], [[area]], [[alligator]], [[alligator pepper]], [[Americaner]], [[Americana]], [[anoder]], [[ah]], [[after]], [[again]], [[anyting]], [[anytin]], [[press]], [[quickquick]], [[kwik kwik]], [[quick quick]], [[pure water]], [[fada]], [[fader]], [[father]], [[snacks]], [[pour]], [[rain]], [[rubber]], [[protest]], [[private]], [[priest]], [[problem]], [[raise]], [[raisehand]], [[raisehead]], [[shame]], [[shrine]], [[call]], [[reign]], [[soft]], [[start]], [[reach]], [[arrest]], [[kidnap]], [[release]], [[fire]], [[faya]],
[[ajebutter]] (BC), [[egunje]] (BC), [[fatibobo]] (BC), [[kak]] (BC), [[mess]] (BC), [[para]] (BC), [[gbege]] (BC), [[fabu]] (BC), [[eye]], [[wash]], [[jaasi]], [[demo]], [[wash wash]], [[washy]], [[washer man]], [[wash and wear]], [[baff]], [[clean]], [[orobo]], [[drop]], [[lepa]], [[lepa shandy]], [[shack]], [[pure]], [[palaver]],[[kakup]], [[messup]], [[mess up]], [[dirty]], [[jejely]], [[jeje]], [[mellow]], [[testing]], [[settle]], [[dabaru]], [[gist]], [[imam]], [[headtie]], [[fight-fight]], [[ baff up]], [[tush up]], [[yamayama]], [[shakara]], [[whine]], [[wash woman]], [[wayo]], [[talk true]], [[di]], [[dem]], [[denge]], [[doty]], [[cement]], [[starch]],[[agbani]], [[grigri]], [[paddy paddy]], [[paddi]], [[paddy]], [[acada]], [[agogo]], [[ashawo]], [[papa ashawo]], [[ashi]], [[akara]], [[laugh]], [[shine teeth]], [[cry]], [[aje]], [[age]], [[airforce]], [[ajasko]], [[kpako]], [[ajekpako]], [[ajekpaki]], [[ajebo]], [[ajebota]], [[ajibota]], [[butty]], [[follo]], [[were]] (BC), [[biz]], [[black]], [[yellow]], [[white]], [[razor]], [[blade]], [[block]], [[blocking]], [[blow]], [[bo]], [[bobonice]], [[bokoto]], [[blend]], [[bomaboy]], [[bonetobone]], [[bongo]], [[boogidan]], [[crash]], [[crawcraw]], [[credo]], [[cuchinchair]], [[cunny]], [[curse]], [[curving]], [[dabaru]], [[dagbodagbo]], [[dagger]], [[dailypay]], [[damn]], [[danshiki]], [[daswhy]], [[that's why]], [[dawadawa]], [[daybyday]], [[insult]], [[dazman]], [[deck]], [[depend]], [[deliver]], [[deliverance]], [[dede]], [[esa]], [[escort]], [[even]], [[eveningfood]], [[everybody]], [[everyday]], [[noting]], [[ewedu]], [[expo]], [[eyes]], [[F9]], [[F]], [[FOC]], [[face back]], [[face front]], [[fall]], [[fallhand]], [[fall hand]], [[farfar]], [[fast]], [[fasting]], [[fatima]], [[fear]], [[fearfear]], [[feg]], [[figo]], [[fashy]], [[everyting]], [[I.T.K]], [[iceblock]], [[if]], [[igbiyen]], [[igbo]], [[ijebu]], [[ikoro]], [[im]], [[him]], [[import]], [[imported]], [[in fact]], [[infact]], [[informate]], [[introduction]], [[is]], [[it]], [[isiewu]], [[jankara]], [[jiga]], [[jist]], [[join]], [[jor]], [[joinbody]], [[join body]], [[jujuman]], [[just]], [[shebi]], [[shele]], [[shepe]], [[shey]], [[shift]], [[shine]], [[shine eye]], [[shock]], [[siddonlook]], [[sidon]], [[signado]], [[size]], [[small]], [[smallsmall]], [[solo]], [[some]], [[sotay]], [[soup]], [[peppersoup]], [[spoil]], [[spoil belle]], [[squeeze]], [[squeeze face]], [[top]], [[yarn]], [[you]], [[kpafuka]], [[bottom]], [[bow]], [[bow leg]], [[brah]], [[byforce]], [[cashancarry]], [[catch]], [[charm]], [[chikala]], [[chuy]], [[cloth]], [[collect]], [[commonise]], [[comot plan]], [[danfo]], [[dazman]], [[dez]], [[dibia]], [[do]], [[dodge]], [[doke]], [[dollbaby]], [[done]], [[doo]], [[kpatakpata]], [[lem]], [[less]], [[levels]], [[life]], [[loka]], [[loki]], [[lowcurrent]],[[sufferhead]], [[suffer head]], [[suppose]], [[stick]], [[swear]], [[swear for]], [[sweet]], [[tactics]], [[take off]], [[talakawa]], [[talk]], [[talk put]], [[talkput]], [[talk true]], [[talknado]], [[terfere]], [[taosand]], [[thousand]], [[tight]], [[time]], [[tin]], [[tin cutter]], [[toast]], [[go]], [[igbo]], [[mama]], [[na]], [[no]], [[o]]
[[all]] (BC), [[first of all]](BC), [[aluta]](BC), [[arrangee]](BC), [[coconut water]](BC), [[comot]](BC), [[different]], [[fada]],[[gbagbati]], [[gbanjo]], [[pikin]], [[lukinglass]], [[mirror]], [[money]], [[person]], [[naim]], [[nodunodu]], [[quata]], [[born]], [[three]], [[kpai]],[[hear]], [[hear wen]], [[as]], [[but]], [[attachment]], [[china]], [[confam]], [[from]], [[fukufuku]], [[jigijigi]], [[school]], [[when]], [[come]], [[con]],[[show]], [[yawa]], [[tanda]], [[gidigba]], [[man pikin]], [[aye]], [[kudi]], [[ego]], [[na]], [[dem]], [[change]], [[suffersuffer]], [[enjoyment]], [[enjoy]], [[wahala]], [[bad]], [[badbelle]], [[baddest]], [[baddo]], [[badeye]], [[badhead]], [[soji]], [[tear eye]], [[wosup]], [[blood]], [[olosho]], [[ponto]], [[coconut]], [[coconut rice]], [[coconut oil]], [[coconut candy]], [[show face]], [[drop engine]],[[show sense]], [[show way]], [[abort]], [[kill]], [[die]], [[kpeme]], [[bata]], [[abiku]], [[batterycharger]], [[bendownbotik]], [[bendownpick]], [[bendownselect]], [[akube]], [[okrika]],[[boogie]], [[bookmedown]], [[borku]], [[bornthroway]], [[borrow]], [[borrowborrow]], [[boscorner]], [[bottombox]], [[bottompower]], [[bounce]], [[boroboro]], [[boskona]], [[boy]], [[boyboy]], [[boyiboyi]], [[branch]], [[deir]], [[dier]], [[their]], [[dia]], [[devilbeans]], [[devilbins]],, [[diedie]], [[daidai]], [[dieout]], [[daiout]], [[disame]], [[disvirgin]], [[disfagin]], [[do bad]], [[du bad]], [[do wayo]], [[du wayo]], [[do well]], [[du well]], [[dobale]], [[dogo]], [[dogoyaro]], [[dollbaby]], [[broda]], [[broder]], [[like]], [[laik]], [[local]], [[loka]], [[loki]], [[say]], [[sey]], [[wey]], [[wen]], [[start]], [[stat]], [[stay]], [[stick]], [[stik]], [[still]], [[suffer]], [[sofa]], [[suffer suffer]], [[suffersuffer]], [[go]], [[grab]], [[goslow]], [[go slow]], [[half]], [[haf]], [[gragra]], [[giragira]], [[grammar]], [[girama]], [[gree]], [[gri]], [[magomago]], [[mago mago]], [[tanda]], [[tatafo]], [[greeput]], [[gree put]], [[tactics]], [[take]], [[take off]], [[tak off]], [[talk put]], [[talkput]], [[tell]], [[thousand]], [[taosand]], [[tight]], [[tait]], [[matching]], [[mate]], [[today]], [[2day]], [[today today]], [[2day2day]], [[yarnings]], [[yanings]], [[ur]], [[yor]], [[your]], [[glov]], [[grass]], [[grease]], [[pickin]], [[pikini]]
* Do we have to include the list of the created entries in the finished list? '''BC: Yes, if it is finished'''

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