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  • drɔ̂

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  1. Wen e be sey nobody win for matter.
    • Di American fight wit Tyson Fury for Los Angeles early dis month bin end for draw.  — (bbc__30717, The American fought with Tyson Fury early this month and it ended in a draw)
    • Chelsea win Qarabag while Barcelona draw with Juventus.  — (bbc__25192,Chelsea won Qarabag while Barcelona drew with Juventus.)
  2. As e be sey de don gader put many people/someting name make de pick as deir matter go be.
    • Manchester United fans heart dey cut sake of Champions League draw.  — (bbc__99239, Manchester United Fans are afraid because of the Champions League draw.)
  3. Match wey be sey de don gree make dem play.
    • When FIFA.Com ask Brazil coach say how important dis final draw be for am, and whether any team dey wey im go like avoid, im answer different.  — (bbc__99712, When FIFA.Com asked the Brazilian coach how important this final will be for him and if there is any team he'll like to avoid, his answer was different.)
    • Rabio wey be giant Pacific octopus - predict Japan win against Colombia and dia draw with Senegal.  — (bbc__84499, Rabio, the giant Pacific octopus has predicted a Japan win against Colombia and their draw with Senegal.)


  • English: draw


  1. Sey person dey use someting or paint take do picture of someting.
    • Macron don troway salute give pikin wey draw im photo.  — (bbc__64579, Macron has commended the child who drew his photo.)
  2. Sey person/someting pull person/someting near body.
    • If child do anyhow, after you don shout give am, e good make you draw am near you.  — (If the child misbehaves, after you must have scolded him/her, it is good to bring them close to you.)
  3. Sey someting dey gumgum or stretch.
    • Di rice don spoil, e don dey draw.  —  (The rice is getting spoilt, it's becoming sticky.)
    • Ogbono soup dey draw.  — (The Ogbono soup is sticky.)
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