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  • wôn

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  • Di first number wey de dey use dey count.
  • Na only one hotel get CCTV for dis town, sir.  — (Only one hotel has a CCTV in this town, sir.)
  • One room.  — (WAZK_05_Reincarnation_DG__107, One room !)
  • Di mama of one tok say e go take some time for dem to divorce proper because dem get pikin togeda.  — (bbc__35869. The mother of two said the divorce will take awhile because of their kids.)
  • Ehn because if I say make I carry woman join one wey I go do, my broda, na, na double work be dat one.  — (WAZL_11_Kabuchi_DG__95, Ehn, Because if I decided to marry another woman in addition to the one I am married to alrady, my brother, that will be a lot of stress.)


English: one


  • When person wan talk about someting inside where many tings dey.
  • I agree for dat one.  — (ABJ_INF_06_Marriage-Counselling_DG__29, I agreed on that one.)
  • Di oda one  — (IBA_14_Bukky-And-Ope_DG__52, The other one...)
  • Di slim one,  — (IBA_09_Leon-And-Amos_DG__60, The slim one..)


  • English: one