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From: English want

Pronunciation 1

  • wɔ̑

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Pronunciation 2

  • wɔ̑nt

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  1. Make person dey feel to do someting.
    • People no go read, people no want read.  — (JOS_06_Ear-Piercing_DG__13, People will not read; people don't want to read.)
    • De no wan want work, people no wan go school.  — (JOS_05_Buhari-Government_M__39, They don't want to work; people don't want to go to school.)
  2. Make person like to do or get someting.
    • Im no tell us since sey na student im want.  — (IBA_11_Student-Wahala_DG__11, He didn't tell us earlier that he wanted a student.)
    • Wetin God want.  — (jw__40757, What God wants.)
    • Police want ansa/  — (bbc__82775, The police officer wants an answer.)
  3. Make person dey do wetin im mind tell am sey make e do.
    • Na im I dey tell you sey na wetin I want now.  — (ENU_12_Social-Life_DG__155, That's why I'm telling you, that this is what I want.)
    • So I, wetin I want for you is advice.  — (ONI_14_Girlfriends_DG__83, So I... what I want from you is an advice.)
    • Na so we go do sotay we go achieve wetin we want for life?  — (KAD_23_Christians-In-Kaduna_DG__70, Is that how things are ging to be till we achieve what we want in life?)



  • English: want, desire